• In Rise of Kingdoms, If you want to do battles, you need to have at least one Commander.
  • Every commander has command has three special abilities that feature the specialty of him/her. The Talent Tree of the hero is built based on these three specialties.
  • Every commander has 4 skills. You can unlock these skills by upgrading the Star of the Commander. 1⭐️ = 1 skill, 2⭐️ = 2 skills, 3⭐️ = 3 skills and so on.
  • Epic and Legendary Commanders have a special 5th skill, which is called the Mastery skill. This skill strengthens one of the first 4 skills.
  • To unlock the Expertise skill, you need to max the first 4 skills (to level 5).
  • To upgrade the Star of a Commander, you can use specific sculptures or the general sculptures.
  • You can only upgrade Star when the Commander hit the current max level cap.

rise of civilizations commanders

Rise of Kingdoms Commander List

Legendary Commanders

Rise of Kingdoms Julius CaesarJulius Caesar LeadershipLeadership –  SiegeSiege –  AttackAttack Rome Rome
el cid rise of civilizationsEl Cid ArcherArcher – VersatilityVersatility – SkillSkill Spain Spain
richard i rise of civilizationsRichard I InfantryInfantry – GarrisonGarrison – DefenseDefense Britain Britain
cao cao rise of civilizationsCao Cao CavalryCavalry – Peace KeepingPeacekeeping – MobilityMobility Nation China China
Frederick I Rise of KingdomsFrederick I LeadershipLeader – SiegeConquering – SkillSkill Nation Germany Germany
minamoto no yoshitsune rise of civilizationsMinamoto no Yoshitsune CavalryCavalry – Peace KeepingPeacekeeping – SkillSkill Nation Japan Japan
yi seong gye rise of civilizationsYi Seong-Gye ArcherArcher – GarrisonGarrison – SkillSkill Nation korea Korea
cleopatraCleopatra VII integrationIntegration – gatheringGathering – supportSupport Other Nations Other
charles martel rise of civilizationsCharles Martel InfantryInfantry –  GarrisonGarrison –  DefenseDefense France France
hannibal barcaHannibal Barca LeadershipLeadership –  SiegeConquering –  DefenseDefense Other Nations Other

Epic Commanders

eulji mundeokEulji Mundeok InfantryInfantry |  GarrisonGarrison |  AttackAttack Nation korea Korea
Lohar integrationIntegration |  gatheringPeacekeeping |  supportSupport Other Nations Other
Joan of Arc rise of civilizationsJoan of Arc integrationIntegration |  gatheringGathering |  supportSupport France France
hermannHermann ArcherArcher | GarrisonGarrison |  SkillSkill Nation Germany Germany
pelagiusPelagius CavalryCavalry |  GarrisonGarrison | SkillSkill Spain Spain
sun tzu rise of civilizationsSun Tzu InfantryInfantry |  GarrisonGarrison |  SkillSkill Nation China China
scipio africanusScipio Africanus LeadershipLeadership |  SiegeConquering |  AttackAttack Rome Rome
kusunoki masashigeKusunoki Masashige ArcherArcher | GarrisonGarrison |  SkillSkill Nation Japan Japan
boudicaBoudica integrationIntegration |  Peace KeepingPeacekeepinng |  SkillSkill Britain Britain
baibars rise of kingdomsBaibars CavalryCavalry |  SiegeConquering |  SkillSkill arabia Arabia

Elite Commanders

sarka rise of civilizationsŠárka integrationIntegration |  gatheringGathering |  SkillSkill Other Nations Other
lancelot rise of civilizationsLancelot CavalryCavalry |  VersatilityVersatility |  MobilityMobility Britain Britain
tomoe gozenTomoe Gozen ArcherArcher |  VersatilityVersatility | AttackAttack Nation Japan Japan
gaius mariusGaius Marius LeadershipLeadership | gatheringGathering | SkillSkill Rome Rome
constance rise of civilizationsConstance integrationIntegration | gatheringGathering | SkillSkill Nation Germany Germany

Advanced Commanders

markswomanMarkswoman ArcherArcher |  Peace KeepingPeacekeeping |  SkillSkill Other Nations Other
dragon lancerDragon Lancer ArcherArcher |  Peace KeepingPeacekeeping |  SkillSkill Other Nations Other
City Keeper InfantryInfantry | VersatilityVersatility| AttackAttack Other Nations Other
centurion rise of civilizationsCenturion integrationIntegration |  gatheringGathering |  AttackAttack Other Nations Other